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Our Valerie Lane names

November 10 2020 – Rebecca Dimmock

We name our bras after real women... 

This is Andrea.

She is Indigenous Australian, a Wiradjuri Yorta Yorta woman. Andrea is that friend that is extremely loyal. When she is passionate about something there is absolutely no getting away. She is a dreamer, a storyteller and a teacher. Earthy, grounded and tranquil.

This is Hanna.

Hanna is a sun seeker and our Valerie Lane soul sister! She was born in Missouri USA but her heart belongs to the beaches of the world.

She is the girl that says yes, she plans and chases adventures and has a serious zest for life!

She'll motivate you and encourage you with her contagious enthusiasm. She will also plan and dream with you.

Hanna is that friend that can instantly lift your mood and the friend who brightens up your life. She is someone you can giggle through an entire night with. 

Everyone needs a little Hanna in their life.

This is Renee.

Renee is our country girl turned city lover!

She is always out and about being social. Super chill, kind, creative and inclusive!

She is a spontaneous soul. A giggler and you’ll never see her mad!

Renee loves a party, even more a festival where she can dress up and let loose. She’s a creative, you’ll find her in sparkly flairs with a sequin kimono or jacket she’s probably handmade!

She is a great friend and always checking in. Everyone needs a little Renee in their life. 

This is Joanne.

This is Hollie.

This is Carina.


This is Kelly. 

Why are we telling you about these women?
Our Valerie Lane lingerie designs are named after real woman. Our aim is to recognize that we share so many traits and qualities with each other or we have our own Andrea in our friend circle!

We want to create connection between our supporters! Women supporting women! Through community, crystals and lingerie!